Criticism on scrapping mandatory inspection for classical solar panel installations.

The Social-Economic Council of Flanders and the Environment and Nature Council of Flanders have criticized the plan of Minister Demir to abolish the obligation to organize a call for solar panels. The call system, which involves competitive bidding for subsidies, is currently mandatory for solar panel installations every six months. Demir's proposal to suspend the call for the category of classical solar panels on roofs in 2023 was requested by branch organization ODE / PV-Vlaanderen to facilitate a faster rollout of solar panels. The council members warn that removing the obligation to organize the call could lead to a lack of predictability and the possibility of zero calls being organized before support is no longer necessary, thus delaying investment in sustainable energy projects. They also argue that the system could lead to oversubsidization, as it is not linked to unprofitable top.

In response, Minister Demir argues that the call system increases the competitiveness and profitability of installations, and that support should be granted through a competitive bidding process, according to the Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy. The Minister also added an important amendment to her proposed regulation, stating that mandatory PV installations are not eligible for the call.

Source: Solar Magazine