Demand Flexibility Service saves over 3.3GWh of electric

The UK's National Grid ESO Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) has saved over 3.3GWh of electricity during peak times over the winter of 2022/23. The scheme, which had 22 service events and was open from 1 November 2022 to 31 March 2023, saw 1.6 million households and businesses participate. DFS enables users to shift their energy usage during peak times in order to balance the country's electricity network, and the high levels of participation demonstrate the level of interest and engagement in consumer flexibility. Claire Dykta, head of markets at National Grid ESO, said the service had successfully demonstrated the interest of UK consumers and businesses in playing a more active role in balancing the country's electricity needs.

Octopus Energy’s results for its DFS scheme, "Saving Sessions", saw its customers collectively shift 1.86GWh of electricity throughout 13 trials. British Gas' scheme paid customers over €2 million
since December 2022 for saving a total of 147MWh of energy. Octopus Energy has called for an end to the use of coal as a backup energy source due to the success of the DFS, which it believes has been a significant success in Britain. ESO is now working with industry and consumers to establish how the service can support the continued evolution of consumer flexibility in the UK.