Minister Demir slams ghost companies receiving green energy certificates for solar panels

During a debate in the Flemish Parliament, Energy Minister Demir criticized companies that receive oversubsidized green energy certificates for solar panels, calling them "ghost companies." Demir proposed a cut in green energy certificates, stating that her proposals comply with European state aid regulations to avoid overcompensation. The goal is to prevent oversubsidization, which is prohibited by European law. While the exact number of affected companies is unknown, Demir plans to implement the cut on 1 January 2024, emphasizing that green energy certificates are subsidies and existing state aid, only allowed if proportional. She claims that many companies use the certificates for other purposes like buying property, making loans, and investing in foreign stocks.

Demir's proposal has been approved three times by the Flemish Government, but the Open VLD ruling party has yet to agree. Demir accused some companies of being ghost companies with almost no employees and asked why taxpayers' subsidies should be used to fund their investments. While many companies benefited from guaranteed returns, she believes that subsidies and state aid should only be provided if proportional.

Source: Solar Magazine