Possible 10 to 20 percent markup for European photovoltaic modules

The willingness of companies to pay more for European-produced solar modules is increasing, with a premium of 10 to 20 percent being considered acceptable, according to Stefan Müller, COO of Enerparc. In an interview with PV magazine, Müller explained that there is a growing interest in European-made solar modules, not just for rooftop installations but also for solar power plants. In particular, large corporations are willing to pay more for modules that are made in Europe, as this forms part of their sustainable and environmental story. This is particularly important for companies where energy is only a part of their overall brand. Meanwhile, the high interest rates are currently having a significant impact on the capital costs of building solar power plants, but there is still a willingness to pay more for European-made modules.

Enerparc, which develops, builds, operates and sells electricity from solar plants, is also still involved in EEG tenders. Müller explained that tenders are a good way to get a solid financial basis for medium-sized installations, but he is now equally involved with true corporate players who want to partner with Enerparc to develop and operate their own solar power plants. The company is now working closely with such players to provide a one-stop-shop that includes development, product selection, quality assurance and operation.

Source: PV Magazine https://www.pv-magazine.de/2023/05/10/10-bis-20-prozent-mehrpreis-fuer-europaeische-photovoltaik-module-vorstellbar/