​Solar panels on your site

Solar energy is the most effective source of energy for your business. You might decide to place solar panels on your roof or install a solar car port on your site. On-site Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) remove the financial risk of your solar installation.

Solar panels have a positive influence on your company’s carbon footprint. Investing in renewable energy sources also contributes to having a green image.

Louis Langerock  • FOUNDER

Invest in solar energy on your site with no financial risk. Use on-site PPAs. Your Energy Manager takes care of the entire process.

Why have an on-site PPA?


No capital investment:

The funding partner takes on the risk and delivers the necessary financing for the installation.

No risk

The funding partner takes on the risk of any technical issues and the costs of maintenance and repairs. That way, your company avoids financial risks with a solar installation.

 Predictable energy prices

With an on-site PPA, companies purchase solar energy at a fixed price throughout the term of the contract. This delivers you a predictable cost structure and more control over your energy costs.

Solar panels and energy storage

Solar energy is the basis for other energy technologies such as charging electric vehicles and energy storage. By storing unused green energy, your company is more independent of the energy market. Moreover, you create flexibility by absorbing peaks of consumption and contribute to balancing the electricity grid.

Track the yield from your solar panels

The AYA platform offers a powerful tool to track the yield from your energy portfolio. We provide a view of the impact of your solar installation on your energy costs and on your carbon footprint. Use the AYA platform to get a clear insight into the payback time of your investment.


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