Traditional energy at the best price

Traditional energy still forms an important part of your energy supply. With the right strategy, we can considerably lower the market dependency. Your Energy Manager will think strategically about on-site energy solutions such as wind and solar energy, and entering into PPAs.

Successful contract negotiation requires in-depth knowledge of the complex energy market. We help you gain insight into the pricing structures, legal requirements and environmental effects.

Pieter Callebaut  • ENERGY MANAGER

Portfolio management

Your Energy Manager supports you in the sale and purchase of energy. Natural gas, electricity, green certificates, cogeneration certificates, guarantees of origin and emission rights are just a few facets of energy purchasing, each with their own pricing market and legislation. We ensure that your energy sales and purchases occur in the best market conditions.  

To keep an overview, we have developed the powerful AYA platform. We use this tool to simulate price fluctuations and support you in managing your energy portfolio.


AYA’s approach is unique in its comprehensiveness. Our view is broader than the individual projects. To guide you through the energy transition in the best possible way, we analyse and optimise every aspect of your energy consumption. We ensure that all the steps in your energy strategy reinforce each other in an all-round solution, thereby creating maximum value for your company.

Adriaan, Energy Manager 


We write tenders and screen market opportunities. That way, you will always keep ahead of your competitors. Count on the expertise of your Energy Manager to select the best energy solutions.



Your Energy Manager will work out a click strategy with you, based on your needs and consumption profile. We determine the right proportion of ‘clicked’ and ‘floating’ energy volumes. In this strategy, we look at the renewable energy projects and PPAs achieved and planned. With the AYA platform, we simulate the different strategies to get a good overview of the impact.

Protect your company against the volatility of the energy market and go beyond that by capitalising on it. Rely on our Energy Managers for a smart click strategy as part of an all-encompassing energy policy.

Louis Langerock  • FOUNDER

Checking energy bills

Your Energy Manager will analyse your energy contracts and align the terms & conditions with the best market offers. You can also rely on your Energy Manager to check your bills. If we find mistakes, we will contact your energy supplier and ensure that you receive specific compensation. 


Contact our Energy Task Force to develop a comprehensive energy approach.

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