​Measure your carbon footprint

Your company’s carbon footprint provides an estimate of the CO2 emissions resulting from your activity. Your Energy Manager analyses your carbon footprint, looking at the emission of greenhouse gases for your entire business or part of it. Depending on the desired extent of the analysis, we focus on one or more ‘scopes’.

Emissions are directly related to energy costs. Gaining insight into your carbon footprint gives us an energy strategy that has an impact on your company’s profitability.

Hiba Allagui  • ENERGY MANAGER

Why conduct a carbon footprint analysis?


Some key reasons to look at the carbon dioxide emissions of your company are:

  • to show social responsibility

  • to meet the requirements of investors, clients and the law

  • to analyse business opportunities and risks

  • to acquire certificates such as B-corp

Energy audits and carbon footprint analyses are my domains of expertise. These audits give an immediate insight into energy saving. I managed to save a large supermarket chain 60% on their electricity costs for lighting by relighting.

Niels, Energy Manager 

Carbon footprint: determining the scope

Finding out emission data requires effort from your team. We support you in every possible way and involve your staff in the process. We don’t only look at carbon dioxide emissions, but also at all relevant greenhouse gases such as CH4, N2O, SF6, HFCs, PFCs, etc. The result of the audit is expressed in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 are set definitions for the analysis of companies’ carbon footprint. We can apply these scopes or conduct an audit tailored to your business.

Scope 1:

Direct emissions from your company’s immovable and movable property. This includes the fuel your company cars use, or natural gas used to heat your buildings.

Scope 2: 

Indirect emissions related to the electricity, heating, steam or cooling you buy.

Scope 3: 

Other indirect emissions linked to the lifecycle of your product or service. For example the transportation of your raw materials, the distribution of your products, the emissions from leased goods etc. Collecting this data is an enormous challenge that involves many external parties.

Visualisation of carbon emissions on the AYA platform

After processing the data, your Energy Manager will present it to you in a clear format. This is done using our energy management system, the AYA platform. We express your greenhouse gas emissions in relation to your turnover, number of staff or another characteristic of your business. This allows you to compare your carbon emissions with other companies and to compare their intensity over time.

Visualisatie CO2-emissie via Aya Platform

The step towards an energy strategy

The carbon footprint analysis is usually the first step towards a broader energy strategy. This audit helps you save on energy costs. You can rely on the expertise of our Energy Managers to lead you through your energy transition. We help you design and implement an all-encompassing energy strategy. Whether you need your own wind turbine or to sign PPAs, we take care of everything throughout the entire process. We take on all the tasks required, from planning to asset management.


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