On-site energy solutions

Apart from establishing an effective strategy, your Energy Manager will start to maximise your on-site energy production. Firstly, we extract the greatest possible value from your existing energy assets. Secondly, we implement new on-site energy solutions. We prepare business cases for your projects. We focus on monitoring and energy-saving measures, energy production and flexibility.  

We select suitable suppliers, prepare contracts and help with financing your installation. We really look at all the details of your on-site project so that you can focus on your core business.


Efficiency and monitoring

Measurement is the key to knowledge. We use monitoring to detect inefficient systems, deviations from normal consumption and defects. With a practical tour and thorough analysis of your consumption profile, your Energy Manager will identify the most efficient energy-saving measures. Initially, we focus on quick wins: measures that can be implemented easily in the short term.

We use the AYA Platform to monitor your energy consumption in real time and give an insight into what measures will have the most effect on your energy saving. For example, you can replace fluorescent lighting with LEDs. We can use smart controls, to control your HVAC installation and lighting, for example based on real demand and the presence of employees.

Production of renewable energy

Renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy. It includes solar panels, cogeneration, biodigesters, wind turbines etc. Your Energy Manager looks at what options are suitable and makes sure the various energy solutions are compatible. The advantage is that you are less dependent on the market and create value for your organisation.

Renewable energy sources are the cheapest form of energy production. You can make maximum use of your available roof, parking or land space with solar panels, for example, or convert high-calorie waste into energy with a biodigester.


  • Sun

  • Wind

  • Biomass

  • Cogeneration

Suitable financing

Your Energy Manager negotiates the financing for your energy solutions with the right parties, based on your business requirements. The financier typically relies on economies of scale, experience and expertise for efficient realisation and optimum management of the asset. The advantage is that there is no risk, and you make significant savings on your energy bill.
Your Energy Manager takes care of all the follow-up, before, during and after construction.

Go for flexibility with Demand Side Response and load management

Create value by using assets such as heatpumps, batteries and cooling on the flexibility market. 

With Demand Side Response (DSR) you help balance our electricity grid. By smartly controlling your assets, you help capture shortages or surpluses on the grid and you get remuneration from Elia. We ensure the ideal set-up to maximise this income.

Through load management, you can shift your consumption to cheaper hours in the day. Your Energy Manager uses the hourly prices and ensures consumption falls during peak house (peak shaving). 

Capitalise on the flexibility of the market with load management. Your Energy Manager helps you shift your consumption to the cheaper hours of the day. 

Entrepreneurs who use cogeneration are best off taking part in the flexibility market. DSR does not only help with balancing the electricity grid, it also delivers financial advantages.

Yasmine Awada  • ENERGY MANAGER

All hands on deck for the implementation

You can rely on total peace of mind during the implementation of your on-site project. Your Energy Manager selects the best parties for your business case:

  • We call on the most relevant installers for you with proven experience in the tender procedure

  • We select high-quality materials with extended warranties..

  • We choose an installer with a solid approach and strict schedules..

  • We follow up the entire process, ensure faultless implementation and take care of management afterwards.


  • Heatpumps

  • Charging infrastructures

  • Energy Storage


Contact our Energy Task Force to develop a comprehensive energy approach.

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