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Energy is the number one challenge for companies today. Your Energy Manager takes the lead in determining, implementing and managing your optimum energy policy. We work around four mainstays: a substantiated energy strategy, on-site and off-site energy solutions and optimising your traditional energy contracts. With a coherent approach, we create maximum value.

Energy strategy from analysis to implementation

We define an energy strategy for the short and long term. Everything begins with a profile analysis. We analyse your energy consumption and injections and look at the various possibilities, supported by using an energy audit or carbon footprint

The AYA platform gives us a clear insight into your energy portfolio. With this powerful tool, we simulate the impact of energy solutions, such as on-site and off-site renewable energy and storage.  

Based on these simulations, your expectations and needs, your Energy Manager will put together a comprehensive energy strategy. We translate this to concrete business cases, which we implement, follow-up and guide.

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On-site energy solutions​

With a thorough analysis of your consumption profile and monitoring, your Energy Manager will identify quick wins and the most efficient energy-saving measures. 

In addition, we implement the new energy solutions on your sites. Renewable energy is the least costly energy and delivers a considerable impact on your energy costs. You can, for example, use your roof surface for solar panels, convert your waste with a high calorific value into biogas with a biodigester and create value from your existing assets thanks to storage, smart management and use of the flexibility market.

We work out a business case with which you make the most efficient use of energy technology. Count on the expertise of your Energy Manager for the entire process and to find suitable financing.

Pieter Heyns  • ENERGY MANAGER

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With a CPPA, you purchase renewable energy generated by a producer at a pre-agreed price over the long term. CPPAs are an effective way to include renewable energy in your portfolio, both on and off site, without risk or investments.

With an internal PPA, you distribute the green energy you have generated that you are not going to use on one site to your other sites. The result is more efficient production and lower costs.  

Your company can also take part in energy communities and work with other companies and individuals to generate and share renewable energy.

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PPAs are an essential tool in the energy transition. These agreements connect buyers with producers, but also represent a powerful engagement to reduce CO2 emissions. PPAs increase the use of renewable energy and form the basis for a reliable energy system.

Yasmine, Energy Manager 

Traditional energy: substantiated purchasing advice

Your Energy Manager guides you in the sale and purchase of energy. We use our market knowledge to optimise your purchase contract at the best market conditions. We also help you with your click strategy. With clicks, you buy a volume from the market at a fixed price for a specified period.  

You can also let your Energy Manager check your invoices. If we come across any irregularities, we make sure you get the right compensation. 


Optimising traditional energy contracts is our core skill. We combine our insight into your energy needs with in-depth knowledge of the market. That way, we come to the most future-oriented solution for your specific situation.

Alex Indekeu  • Energy Manager

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Taking care of everything for you is what powers us. The strength of the Energy Task Force lies in the vision and determination of your Energy Manager. We take a unique holistic approach in which we focus on four mainstays to make maximum impact.


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